Home Staging

Selling a home? We can help.

At People’s Furniture Rental, we understand the importance of first impressions! In real estate, home staging is a tried and true method to create a terrific first impression for the home buyer.

People’s Furniture Rental offers a beautiful selection of furniture, along with accessories such as rugs, artwork, mirrors, and greenery for your home staging project. We have worked with professional stagers and realtors since we started business in 1985, and have also been very successful helping private individuals stage their own homes with the excellent help of our friendly, well-trained staff.

Contact us today and we will work with your budget to help you plan your home’s staging.

Statistics show that a staged home adds value, resulting in:

  • A higher selling price
  • Time saved
  • A small investment for a large return

The emotional decision-making involved in purchasing a home lends itself to staging:

  • The buyer is visualizing a lifestyle
  • The buyer wants comfort and relaxation
  • The buyer wants spaciousness and ease of movement
  • The buyer wants to be excited to move in as soon as possible

Shown below are several before and after home staging examples which were created by a frequent collaborator with People’s, Room Solutions Staging of Portland.

All photos on this page are courtesy Room Solutions Staging.

Examples of Home Staging